Hey beautiful,

I am Ashlee Jaine, lover of all things girly, Target dweller, self love advocate, and collector of kindred spirits.

You could say that I am your basic suburban housewife with just a touch of magic, a family to care for, and a business to run.

I am wife to one amazing man and mother to two incredible kiddos. #boymom #girlmom

I am a multi-passionate Mompreneur, and I love inspiring incredible women, just like you, to become the best possible version of yourself.

Some things you can expect to find on my blog are, mom style, non-toxic beauty tips, healthy lifestyle inspiration, and your daily dose of self love and positivity.

When I'm not busy working you can find me working out, listening to podcasts, volunteering, or spending time with my fam exploring the great state of Texas.

If you're dying to know more, here are five facts of my inner world:

1) I thrive in warmth + sunshine.

2) My favorite food is pizza (vegan of course).

3) I live life by my own set of rules.

4) Reggae music brings me to life.

5) I am an eternal optimist. I see the good in every situation.


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