There is a shift happening

“Times, they are a changin’” - Bob Dylan

More and more families are turning to more natural options for the health and home all across the globe. Mom’s are becoming more aware of the toxic chemicals lurking in their pantries and medicine cabinets and are now demanding safer solutions for their little ones and themselves.

The medications and products that were once deemed as acceptable to take and use on ourselves and our children are now being exposed for the side effects and illnesses they have caused. There is a conscious shift surrounding these very topics and products, and it is spreading like wildfire, awakening so many along the way.

We are approaching an era where people are refusing to settle when it comes to their health. No longer is our health viewed as a luxury. It is by and far one of the most important assets we have in life, and finally people are starting to realize it. They are taking back control of what is rightfully theirs and making it the number one priority in their life.


Essential oils are beautiful gifts of the Earth that come from plants, flowers, fruit, or trees. They are packed full of amazing benefits and scientific properties that help keep our bodies healthy.

Have you ever heard of the benefits of drinking lemon water? It is the same exact thing, except more powerful, when comes to adding a drop of lemon essential oil in your water.

And I am sure you have been handed a peppermint candy on the way out the door of a restaurant, right? That’s because peppermint helps you digest and break down your food.

There have been hints of essential oils all around you for most of your life, and now it is time to put all of the miracles they have to offer to use for your families health and happiness.


Long gone are the days when the only oil you knew of was the one worn by your hippie Aunt who didn’t shave her arm pits. And, if you guessed I was referring to Patchouli, give yourself a huge pat on the back!

We are moving into a scientific and medically supported era of essential oil usage. With essential oil research on the rise, partnerships are being made with Johns Hopkins University, Vanderbilt Hospital, and many, many more to prove the health benefits of these incredible oils.

We are working closely with scientists and health care professionals alike to bridge this gap between modern and traditional medicine. The ultimate goal of these efforts is to give families safer, natural solutions that are just as effective as the over the counter stuff (without the risks and side effects of course).


This one is easy my friends.

You want to be healthy? Use essential oils.

You want to be happy? Use essential oils.

You want to support your immune system, address digestive issues, better skin, balanced hormones, a decent night’s sleep, respiratory support, minimize muscle aches/tension, or anything else under the sun that you can think of? Use essential oils.