You understand the importance of creating healthy habits in your life and the power and healing benefits of natural solutions and non-toxic living. Before we go any further I just want to give you a virtual high five for making your health and the health of your family a priority.


And I am going to be here with you every step of the way as you transition to a healthier lifestyle and work towards being the best possible version of YOU.

Not only will you have access to me, but you will also be plugged in to our online platform with exclusive education, training, resources, and hundreds of others who are on the same journey as you. Our tribe values support and providing resources o that you feel empowered when it comes to healthy living.

Whether you have questions about which oils to choose or needing recommendations on which skin care line is better, we have you covered.

Hassle free steps 

Let's walk through the steps of setting up your account to get these natural solutions into your home and you plugged in to our tribe.

Step 1: Choose which Starter Kit you would like to join with so that you get your wholesale account for FREE. Or you can activate your wholesale account for $35 and order individual oils/products instead.

Step 2: Follow this link or the button below to set up your account.

Step 3: Enter your shipping/billing info, select your Starter Kit, confirm order. I will reach out to welcome you to our tribe once I receive an order email.

Step 4: Your Starter Kit will be delivered directly to you so be sure connect with me once you receive it.

Step 5: Take advantage of the exclusive educational resources available to you within our tribe. You may also want to order The Essential Life book for tips, tricks, and natural living ideas.

Step 6: Take advantage of saving an additional 10-30% off and receive free products by signing up for the Loyalty Rewards Program through your online account.