Hey beautiful,


I am Ashlee Jaine, lover of Chipotle, Target dweller, and collector of kindred spirits.

You could say that I am your basic suburban housewife with just a touch of magic.

I am wife to one amazing man and mother to two incredible kiddos. #boymom #girlmom

I love serving other domesticated goddesses (just like you) by...READ ON


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Two of my truest passions are health + business. I absolutely love inspiring others to become the best possible versions of themselves + create the life they love. If you are looking for natural health solutions, you are in the right spot. 

Essential oils have been revolutionizing the way that people view health care, and I am here to be your guide on how you can begin incorporating them in to your home. Let's take this conversation over to my Essential Oils page to get more detailed.



Are you a passion filled person? Then you are the perfect candidate to create a home based business and become a soulful entrepreneur with me. 

I know building a business may sound scary at first, but trust me when I say that you are in good hands.