Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I’ll be the first to admit, I used to be a major hater of Valentine’s Day. I hated the pressure of having to buy the right gift and that love was put on a pedestal for this ONE day, rather than being celebrated year round.

BUT I love, love. I am a hopeless romantic through and through. And I acknowledge that there is an undeniable magic that surrounds Valentine’s Day and I just can’t help but get caught up in all of it. Now I am a sucker for all the Valentine’s Day things. The pretty shades of pinks and reds, the romance, the surprises, the flowers, I love it all!

And because I know exactly how it feels to not have any clue what to get someone for Valentine’s Day, I want to give you some ideas and inspiration here in this blog post.

The gifts you find here will be both practical and meaningful. It seems like gift cards are everyone’s go to anymore. Not that there is anything wrong with gift cards, but there is really no thoughtfulness behind them . So let’s but our brains together to come up with a brilliant gift for whoever you are shopping for.

Oh and ladies, feel free to pass this blog post on to your Valentine if you think they are struggling with gift ideas for you!

Valentine's Gift Guide


Whether you’re buying for yourself (#treatyoself), mom, sister, BFF, daughter, etc I have you covered girl! Here are my top ideas for Galentine’s gifts for your best babes.

  1. Urban Expressions Handbags - There is nothing that says “I love you” quite like a vegan leather luxury handbag, am I right ladies? The quality of these handbags is incredible and they have so many classic and trending styles. I have linked two of my faves below.

  2. Tarte Makeup - Any girl can appreciate some non-toxic, cruelty free makeup, free of parabens and other ingredients that speed up the aging and are toxic to our organs. Your Galentine will definitely appreciate high end makeup gift sets that keep her beautiful on this outside and the inside.

  3. Personalized Clothes and Jewelry - Customization is the way to go when it comes to giving ANY gift, not just Valentine’s Day gifts. This is one of my favorite sites with to so many cute and customizable options with everything from PJ sets to home accessories. I linked some of my favorites below.

  4. Verage Skin Care - Us ladies are always on the hunt for an amazing skin care regimen that gives us that flawless skin with a gorgeous glow. Well my friends, I have found the Holy Grail of skin care lines. Free of toxins and made up entirely of plant ingredients directly from nature, it is the best line there is to nourish your skin. Side note, if you’re buying the kit you will probably want to do wholesale.

  5. Spanx - Ok I know this is a weird one, but Spanx leggings are comfy, cute, and they are in my friends! If you don’t own a pair snag some for yourself too because they are a must have.

  6. Non-toxic Perfume - This sampler set is so cute for your Galentine to pick and choose which ones her faves are! The best part is that these perfumes are free of toxins and harsh chemicals, and of course (my personal favorite) cruelty free.

doTERRA Verage Set


Time to move on to the fella’s in your life. They can be pretty tricky to shop for because let’s face it, guys are so weird. They like different things, most of the time they don’t care about what they’re wearing, they don’t have to worry about hair and makeup and all the other things that us ladies do. So what is a girl to do? Don’t worry babe, I got you covered!

  1. Watch - Even though your man may not be the most fashion forward, he can surely appreciate a quality watch that will make him feel like a million bucks

  2. Shaving Set - Every guy has to shave, so why not make it a little bit more exciting from him with a nice shaving set or razor that blows his current disposable BIC out of the water.

  3. PJs and Slippers - I don’t know about your man, but when mine has a day free of going anywhere or seeing anyone, PJ’s and slippers are his uniform. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3 pm on a Saturday, he is home and in his cozies and comfies any chance he gets. Side note he would probably kill me for calling them that. :)

  4. Ray Bans FTW - Sunnies (can you even call them that if they’re for a guy?!) are a practical, yet thoughtful gift to give to your man. The sun shines down on every square inch of the world at some point or another, and you want him to know that you care about his vision and protecting his eye sight.

  5. Non-toxic Cologne - Hey, guys like to smell good too, right? I have completely fallen in love with Clean cologne, it has such a fresh scent and even packaged in eco-friendly packaging. It’s a great gift for him and for the Earth, win-win.

  6. Give Him an Experience - What does your guy like to do? Buy him tickets to go see his favorite sports team/band. If he is into golf, buy him a round of golf or maybe some new clubs. Take him to his favorite restaurant. Think about what his faves are and cater your gift to that. This is the best thoughtful gift that you can give him!

I hope all of you have an amazing Valentine’s Day that is filled with so much love and laughter, and that you carry those feelings on throughout each and every single day with your loved ones!

xoxo, Ashlee Jaine (1).png