So Tarte is hands down my favorite makeup brand on the market. If you follow me on Instagram you have probably heard me share them quite a bit in my Instagram stories.

They are cruelty free and have super clean ingredients PLUS their make up and formulas actually work, which is really hard to find when you are searching for products with a safer ingredient list. They have truly mastered the craft of creating non-toxic makeup.

They recently had a huge 30% off sale on their website (which is the best place to buy it IMO), so I stocked up on some of my makeup routine staples and got a few new things to try out and I am here to share it with y’all!

Let’s me just start with the Shape Tape line because honestly it is so amazing.

1) Shape Tape Contour Concealer

One of these Shape Tape Concealer sells every 12 seconds. Yes, you read that right. And because this concealer works so well, it landed Tarte the title of America’s #1 concealer brand!

Are you sold yet?

If you’re in the market for a new concealer because you’re running low or want to switch some things up in your makeup routine, give this one a try. I use it as concealer and highlighter. It’s excellent for those under eye bags too!

2) Face Tape Foundation

I also got the Face Tape Foundation which is a full coverage foundation that is part of the Shape Tape line. It is seriously the holy grail of foundations.

I have tried to experiment around with some other brand’s foundations and I keep coming back to this one because nothing else compares.

I also love that it comes with a pump rather than a stick applicator or no applicator at all, because I feel like it is so much easier to pump out than to pour out.

Have you ever dumped your foundation bottle upside down on your make up applicator/sponge and gotten wayyyyy too much? So you can see where the pump is super helpful lol.

Also, I have truly truly truly put this foundation to the test and can vouch that it is sweat proof, water proof, tear proof, and all the things proof, especially if you are pairing it with the Timeless Smoothing Primer or the Shape Tape setting spray (Stay Spray).

3) Shape Tape Pressed Powder

And because I have such oily skin, I love adding a layer of setting powder or pressed powder over my foundation to help give more of a matte look and blend the foundation with my own skin tone.

For this I decided to order the Shape Tape Pressed Powder.

This will be my first time trying it and I am so excited!

I would recommend ordering the same or similar color powder as you do foundation or maybe even a shade lighter, but never more dark because it will likely do the opposite of helping to blend your foundation.

4) Shape Tape 12 Hour Eye Primer Stick

I also got the Shape Tape 12 Hour Eye Primer Stick to try because I have the worst time with getting eyeshadow or eyeliner to actually stay on my eyelids. I am not sure if it’s because of how my eye is shaped or the position in my eye socket, but it always seems to end up on my arch and close to my brows. No bueno.

I am really hoping this will help keep my eye makeup in place and last for the full 12 hours it promises. I will be sure to keep y’all posted!

5) Pro Glow to Go Contour Pallet

The last product I ordered to try was the Pro Glow to Go Highlight and Contour Pallet because I wanted a new highlighting/contour pallet that didn’t break the bank.

I really love that this one doesn’t have a bunch of different color options, and that it is simple and to the point.

It comes with a highlighter, bronzer for low-lighting, and blush color and it’s under $30. From the reviews I saw on the website, even though it is a smaller pallet it lasts a long time. Fingers crossed this is the case, because the colors look beautiful and the reviews seem promising!

6) Tartiest Lip Paint

This lip paint was actually included as a set with the Pro Glow to Go pallet and I am so glad that I decided to get it as a set because I am obsessed with this lip paint.

It is so light weight and literally lasts forever! It does have a matte finish so I recommend using some chapstick before applying the lip paint.

The color that I got was rosé, and it is such a pretty neutral everyday color.

I also got three different samples to try that I am loving as well!

I got the Base Tape Primer from the Shape Tape line and it smells SO good! It’ smells just like coconuts and definitely helps to make my makeup go on more smoothly.

The Big Ego mascara is also amazing! I used it on my bottom lashes and it was so great for adding length!

And the last sample was the Stay Spray, which is a makeup setting spray that I am loving so far! I definitely feel like it helped keep my makeup intact despite the 100 degree weather here in TX and me being a hot sweaty mess lol.


That is a wrap for the things I ordered in this Tarte haul, but I will link a few other products of theirs that I love and use as well!. Once you find an amazing makeup brand, you just can’t keep it to yourself!

You can find Tarte products at Sephora and Ulta, but honestly shopping directly from their website is the best because they have an amazing rewards program AND amazing sales every so often like the 30% off one I just took advantage of. Plus, you can always count on your color foundation and concealer always being in stock when you need it (which is definitely not the case at the stores).

Until next time loves!

xoxo, Ashlee Jaine (1).png