This past week we made the long trek from Texas to Indiana to visit friends and family before it gets too cold (y’all know how I feel about the cold, which is how we ended up in Texas in the first place).

Anyway with the 17+ hour road trip and packing for four people, there were a few things that I ordered for Amazon to make my life a little less chaotic when it came to planning and packing for the trip. And, let’s be honest, it gave me an excuse to do some more shopping on Amazon, which is one of my all time favorite things to do.

So of course I had to put together a post to share all the travel essentials with you to help you out on your next trip, or just in general because a lot of these things I will actually probably still be using afterwards.


Let’s start off with one of this month’s top seller and quite possibly my favorite Amazon purchase ever, which is this amazing makeup travel bag. For one, I love that it is marbled, and for two the customizable compartments and all of the pockets make it so easy to pack everything you need while you travel. I might even end up storing my makeup in it when we get back home because it’s THAT good!

It also comes in a few different color options.

Next up is this travel mirror, which has been on my countertop since I got it because the lighting is perfect for putting on makeup and I love the different magnified mirror options for things like plucking eyebrows, applying eyeliner, or other makeup application that requires fine detail so you can really zoom in and see what exactly you are doing.

It comes a few color options, but I chose the gold (which is really more of a champagne color) because it went with my bathroom and office theme lol.

These microfiber face cloths are literally a game changer when it comes to washing and drying your face. I always feel like even the softest towels are super abrasive when I go to dry my face after washing it, so I got these cloths just hoping they would be soft enough to dry my face with (which they are), BUT they are actually amazing for washing them too! All you have to do is get them wet with water and the microfibers help cleanse the oil and bacteria on your face.

I will say, if you are a heavy makeup wearer (like me) you will definitely want to use a facial cleanser beforehand, otherwise the cloth will be covered in makeup. I use it moreso to remove the remainder of my makeup that is left behind after I use my facial cleanser and to help dry.

But seriously, like I said, these are a game changer.

They come in different colors and packs of 3 or 6. I would recommend the package of 6 because I ordered the package of 3 just to try them and already want more!


I don’t know about you, but I cannot live out of a suitcase. It literally drives me crazy. I need everything to be organized and not all clumped together, and that seems to be impossible in a suitcase with the amount of clothes I pack. So to save my sanity and help me keep everything organized (not to mention wrinkle free) I have to hang my clothes up.

These are my favorite hangers (and actually Amazon Best Sellers) because the velvet helps keep the clothing in place when they are on the hangers and the hanger handle can actually rotate (unlike the plastic hangers) so if you have to get creative with your hanging space like the back of chairs, doors, etc you can just adjust the metal part to make it work.

Speaking of Amazon Best Sellers, here is another one that I ordered and wasn’t here in time before we left, but I seriously can’t wait to use it as an every day jewelry organizer! I love how clean and chic it looks, and the price is just that much better! I am not a huge jewelry person outside of my typical go-to pieces, but I wanted to be able to keep everything untangled and all in one place (one less thing for me to have to worry about while traveling), which is why I ordered this case.

There are a few other color/pattern options, but like I said I love how classic and chic the soft pink with the gold details looked.


Funny story, I actually bought this phone mount for car selfies (yes I am making those a thing) and it came in SO handy for the road trip. Normally if I am driving, Nick will co-captain and guide me, but there were times that he wanted to take a nap (or check his fantasy football scores) and wasn’t giving me directions, so I pulled up my Google maps and posted up my phone on the dashboard using this car mount and called it a day,

I have actually been using it a lot before the road trip as well because Texas is a hands free device state (or maybe it’s just an Austin thing?) so I always put my phone on here so I am not looking down or holding my phone if I am trying to follow directions somewhere, change the song on my Amazon Music, etc. By the way here is a link to a free trial of Amazon Music, I promise you will love it.

And this portable battery pack is seriously a life saver. We are a multi-device family, meaning we have iPhones and iPads galore (we are definitely Apple people). I must say that one battery port in the car and four people with multiple things needing charged is not ideal. So I ordered this battery pack for the kiddos to use in the backseat, while Nick and I had our things plugged in up front.

It has two USB ports so both kids could charge both of their iPads at the same time, which saved me the headache of having to listen to them argue over who has more battery life and who should have the charger.

I have actually had a few of these before, but they never really held charge that well or they bit the dust within a few weeks, so I will say that I think brand really has a lot to do with it after using this one. With these portable battery chargers you are definitely going to get what you pay for.


There are a few things from Amazon Travel Wish List that I definitely want to get before my next trip, which better be somewhere warm, sunny, and tropical.

Ok so I am way overdue for new luggage. I literally think I’ve been using the same set for over 5 years now because I can’t justify spending $500 on luggage that I am only going to use a few times a year.

So I was really excited when I found this cute white luggage set on Amazon! All three pieces are under $200 or you can buy the different sizes individually.

I love that it is expandable, because as I mentioned in my Instagram stories, I am definitely a major over-packer and need all the extra room I can get.

I also really loved the idea of these packing cubes that I found the other day as I was putting together my travel list for y’all. I think these are such a clever way to be organized while packing and stay organized throughout your trip. You can use one for pants, another for shirts, another for socks/under, and it even comes with a shoe bag (although I would need like 11 more lol).

That is all of the must-haves I have from this trip, but I am slowly and surely adding to my travel wishlist! You can shop all of my lists including, beauty must haves, my daily outs, and much more on my Amazon Store. If you are as much of an Amazon addict as I am, you may also want to grab a copy of of my guide on how to find quality and name brand clothing on Amazon for up to 50% off.

Until next time loves!

xoxo, Ashlee Jaine (1).png