Ever since our marriage took a turn for the worse in 2017, my husband and I committed to do weekly date days. It is so easy to let the kids, work, and everything else come before our spouse and our marriage (speaking from experience here). But it is SO important to fix that, otherwise your connection to your husband will just continuously get pushed back on the priority list.

The date day commitment that Nick and I made was one of the best decisions overall to help our marriage. We created a rule that we weren’t going to talk about work or kids during date day, just focus solely on getting back to and being the couple that we were before any of those things came along. Side note: it turns out, it is actually really hard for me to not talk about my kids. :)

So we picked Fridays to be “our day” and I put together a list of all the things we wanted to do and experience. I did the list because, well for one I am a list person through and through, but two, I didn’t want our dates to always consist of eating out or watching a movie. I wanted to make them as special as possible and create experiences and memories through them.

I want to share some of that list with y’all, because I want your marriage and your date days to be just as awesome and magical. Keep in mind that we live in Texas where it is warm (ok, hot) most of the year and we LOVE doing outdoorsy things, so that will be a big portion of my date day ideas. Don’t worry, I will do my best to channel my inner Indiana girl (where I am originally from) and share some good indoor things too! ;)


Also, another side note, I really wish I could insert emoji’s to blog posts. I speak fluent emoji.

  1. Find local touristy towns or villages and spend the day exploring and visiting their shops/restaurants.

  2. Paddle board, kayak, float, or canoe on a local river/lake.

  3. Visit and picnic at your local state park.

  4. Hike on local hiking trails.

  5. Visit a rock climbing gym.

  6. Play a round of golf or putt putt.

  7. Explore local caverns/caves (depending on your area.

  8. Pretend to be a tourist in a local big city (you can usually find tourist spots if you google the city).

  9. Go bowling.

  10. Have some fun at an arcade.

  11. Go to a furniture store or Home Depot to get ideas for your dream home.

  12. Drive through a nice neighborhood to pick out your dream home.

  13. Find a local Escape Room or similar and put your problem solving skills to the test.

  14. Get a couples massage.

  15. Go to a restaurant and pretend it’s your first date.

  16. Take turns trying on the ugliest clothes you can find at the mall.

  17. Visit your local animal shelter to walk and play with( or adopt) a dog/cat.

  18. Go rollerskating at a skate rink.

  19. Do a yoga class or try acro yoga together.

  20. Do an art, vision board, or some sort of other creative workshop.

  21. Visit a car dealership to pick out your dream car, maybe even take it on a test drive.

  22. Take a cooking class together.


Hopefully some of these ideas have sparked some inspiration for you, and you and your husband can start doing weekly, or at least consistent date days. They really were a life (marriage) saver for my husband and I, but I think they are needed and necessary even if you have a great relationship.

Take that time to invest and connect with one another to strengthen the bond that you two have outside of all the responsibilities of parenting and marriage. I can promise you wont regret it!

If you try any of these or have additional ideas/feedback, share it in the comments below to help others!

Thanks for stopping by. XO