First, I guess I should explain what a work flow is before I can tell you how to create one. Let's not put the carriage before the horse.

A work flow is when you are working within your Zone of Genius and using your Strengths to be extremely productive and move through your work days effortlessly. A good example of work flow would be when a writer can sit down and type out an entire book because they are in the "groove" or flow of things. A non-work flow would be when writer's block has set in and it takes them 2 weeks to come up with one chapter.

I will add a caveat that work flows may come and go depending on consistency and other circumstances that get in the way. 

So here are my three steps to creating a work flow for yourself so that your work days, weeks, and months flow smoothly and don't feel like you're treading water to keep from drowning in your to-do list.  If you haven't already read the post on Strengths and taken the test to find your own and read the Zone of Genius post, you will want to do both before moving forward.

Buy a planner, post it notes, and any other cute stationary that excites you and encourages you to write down things and stay organized. ALWAYS plan the next day the night before.

Write out all of your projects for the week, month, and if you can year and prioritize them by importance, income producing, and deadlines. 

Schedule block hours to get work done, do the most important things first each day and allow yourself a time frame of uninterrupted work if possible. Keep technology silenced and put away during your quiet hours.

When you are being proactive with your schedule and work it is easy to stay on top of the game instead of face planting and falling right into a black hole of never ending, mindless tasks (figuratively of course). Prioritizing things is an excellent way to stay focused and get things done in a timely fashion. Needless to say, a work flow is the place to be when you're trying to get things done.

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