I know most of the world views the weekend as a time party their faces off or squeeze in 2047 errands that they didn't get done during the week, but that is not the case with most successful people. Successful people understand the importance of productivity, but they also understand the importance of relaxation and self care. 

In order to operate efficiently throughout the week and be 100%, they know they need to replenish and reenergize on the weekends.

So as you can imagine, successful people don't just party their weekends away. They don't jam pack their schedule full with games, events, etc that leave little down time either.

They take the time to be intentional, do the things they love, center themselves, and provide energy and clarity for the week ahead. And yes, it is very likely that they are doing light work on these days as well.

  1. Take some time to relax - You might find them getting a massage, curling up with a book, watching a movie with the family, taking a long hot bath (my personal favorite), or laying by the pool somewhere.

  2. Spend time with family - If there is one thing that truly successful people value it is family. Weekend trips and family fun days are usually common weekend activities for them.

  3. Disconnect - Probably one of the most important things that successful people do on the weekends is take the time to unplug and disconnect for awhile, even if it is only for a few hours.

  4. Hobbies or passion - Successful people fill their weekends with things that refuel them and bring them the most joy like picking up a hobby.

  5. Ground and center - Successful people will usually set aside some time before the work week (typically on Sunday) to gather their thoughts and get a game plan going for the following week including projects that need to be done, appointments, etc.

Now that you know what successful people do do on the weekends, it's easy to understand what they don't do.

If you're someone who is always cramming your weekend calendar, staying up way too late, drinking way too much, and not giving yourself enough time, then try cutting out some of those things and replacing them with some of these. I bet you won't dread Monday's so much anymore.

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