Your Zone of Genius is really just an extension of the strengths that you have combined with your passion. If you don't know what your strengths are or why they are important, you should definitely read my last blog post about How to Identify Your Strengths to get you up to speed.

Working in your Zone of Genius is going to be the most efficient way to work or get everything done. Have you ever done a project that took you double the time to finish because it was something so beyond what you are good at? That is what working outside your Zone of Genius is like. When you work in your Zone of Genius you are working smarter, not harder and in return you are able to get a lot more accomplished in a lot less time, with a lot less effort. 

To identify what your Zone of Genius is, you need to know what your strengths are and how they apply to work and what you are passionate about. You also need to eliminate the work that you don't enjoy doing and aren't good at. Now, I know this may be easier said than done for you entrepreneurs but I would encourage you to find an affordable virtual assistant or someone else to do the tedious things like spreadsheets and book keeping so you can free up your time for the things that within your Zone of Genius and income producing.

Now back to your Zone of Genius, here are a few self discovery questions you can ask yourself to help identify your Zone of Genius:

  • What do you have a natural talent for?

  • What work doesn't feel like work to you?

  • How does this work play into what your passionate about?

  • What work can you do quickly and efficiently that brings you joy and satisfaction?

Once you have your answers to these questions, it is up to you to tie in your strengths and make the most out of your work flow and business. As you incorporate your Zone of Genius into your life, you will find yourself being much more productive and enjoying the work that you do rather than feeling bogged down and in a black hole of endless tasks.

I can promise you that this will be one of the best discoveries you make in life and in business. If you're loving tips like these then sign up for our daily success emails on how you can create success in life and business below.