I am going to go on another rant here for second about Instagram.

I am asked ALL the time how to get more followers on Instagram and while I think followers are wonderful, that really isn't what people should be focused on. 

Now hear me out, I fully understand why people want to grow their IG accounts for influence, credibility, etc, and believe me it is definitely part of the equation to creating some sort of success on Instagram, but it is definitely a much smaller portion than gaining true Instagram fans!

You see, you can have all the followers in the world, 50K, 100K, 500K, etc, but those followers don't really mean anything if they aren't truly invested in you. If they are following you, but not engaging or connected to you, do they really even exist in the your Instagram world? No. It's like speaking to a crowd of people who are all busy doing other things. No one cares enough to listen to what you have to say. 

I will tell you right now, the Instagram accounts that have impressed me the most are the ones with 500 followers or so and they are getting 200 likes and 50-100 comments. Those accounts have true fans, not just followers. 

So why do you need fans instead of followers? Your fans help with whatever your objective is for your Instagram. Most IG accounts who care about numbers are trying to monetize their IG platform, and the way they can do that is by identifying who their fans are. The ones who truly care about them, the ones who read every caption of every post, the ones who are excited and eager to learn the value that they have to share, and the ones who feel connected enough (know/like/trust) to hop on board with whatever that IGer is offering.

Let me ask you this: Who do you think is more likely to sell a product or service? Someone with 50K followers who don't give a damn about their account or someone with 500 followers/fans who are truly invested and connected them?

If you are looking to build a business or monetize your Instagram, just know that fans are going to be so much more important in the long run than followers. If you are struggling to get followers, focus on providing value and connecting with the ones you already have to connect with them more and convert them to fans. I promise it will all pay off in the end.