I have gotten quite a few comments from some of the amazing people that I have met on Instagram about how different I run my account compared to some of the other IGers out there, so I wanted to touch on Instagram Etiquette for a second.

Now there are no official rules out there about Instagram etiquette so I figured we could lay down some officially unofficial bylaws and hopefully they stick.

Life is all about choices, and when you choose to open that wonderful orange, pink, blue, and purple app on your phone there are a few things you should really take into consideration to avoid being an asshole on Instagram:

  1. At no time is it ok to leave rude or negative comments on anyone's post (including your own). People think of social media as some sort of invisible shield that they can hide behind to say things that they would never say in real life and it's quite ridiculous. Remember the golden nugget of wisdom that your mom gave to you when you were 5? It went something like this "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all."

  2. Fellas, for the love of all things holy, it is NEVER ok to send us ladies comments or messages along the lines of "U hottt" or "What's up, I wanna get to know you better". There are specific apps for these conversations nowadays, and I can assure you no respectable woman is going to respond the way that you want them to on Instagram. You are just making yourself look like a total creep and give us ladies the perfect excuse to hit that block button.

  3. If someone takes the time to like or thoughtfully comment on your posts, it is only nice to do the same for them, especially the comments. If there is one thing that grinds my gears more than anything, it is pretending like someone's comment doesn't even exist on your post. Can you imagine someone walking up to you and saying "You have such a beautiful family" or "Omg I love your shoes" and you just looking at them and walking away? That would be rude right? It is the same exact thing on Instagram. Take the time to connect with people who take the time to connect with you. At the very least tell them thanks.

  4. Last, but definitely not least, my dear fellow Network Marketers, you know I have nothing but mad love for you, but the cold direct messaging has got to stop! A word from the wise about the messages you are sending out to people you don't even know 1) they are ineffective 2) people will block you. I seriously get 5+ messages every day asking me to join someone's team or buy something. But think about it this way, if I were a complete stranger at the grocery store would you walk up to me and ask me to join your team or buy a product from you? I surely hope not. Trust me, there are better ways to market yourself.

I really think there should be a number 5 on this list just to have a well rounded set of bylaws, but I feel like I covered most of asshole points in numbers 1-4. If you have any other complaints about how people have been an asshole to you in the past, shoot me a direct message on Instagram and I will be sure to get them added here. 

Anyways, if you do any of these things, I hope this post has helped provide you with enough reasoning to change your ways. If you are guilty of #4, don't worry you are not alone and I can help you find new/better ways to market yourself with my Instagram Secrets course

Now, let's all pat ourselves on the back for being the anti-asshole on Instagram.