This one goes out to the influencers, retail shops, and small online businesses who are trying to make a few extra dollars on Instagram.

I see you. I hear you. And believe me I feel your pain.

Learning how to monetize any social media platform takes time, money, effort, and a lot of trial and error. Unfortunately and fortunately I have invested it all and learned some hard lessons along the way as I pushed to grow my business entirely through Instagram (which I have shared in my Instagram Secrets course).

Every day people reach out to me asking how to grow their Instagram, but the question they should really be asking is how to monetize their Instagram. Followers do not equate to dollar signs, and if you're trying to build a business, you need to find a way to monetize.

But here is something you should know - there is monetizing your Instagram, and then there is really monetizing your Instagram. Let me explain:

Influencers: while it may be fun to grow a fan base, have people buy things that you recommend, and do collab giveaways, the companies that you partner with are  only providing you with free product and maybe (if you are super lucky) they will pay for your ads or pay for shout outs. Now I don't know about you but free products and paid-for-ads don't pay my bills.

Retail shops and other online businesses: Whether you have a digital products or physical ones, Instagram can be an amazing platform to sell on. Especially if you know how to market yourself correctly and create an Instagram feed that will captivate and convert your ideal customer, making a sale is easy peasy. There is a downside though, your revenue stream begins and ends with how many sales you make that day, week, month, etc. There is no continuous or residual income being earned for all your hard work.

Now, a little back story on me. I knew at a very young age that being an employee was not my cup of tea. I knew I wanted to have my own business and be the boss. So after we had our second child I opened up my massage practice and had to figure out how to own and operate a business at the ripe age of 25. Let me be completely transparent in telling you, I was not that great at first. But there was one concept that I learned quickly, and that was if I didn't have a body on the massage table I wasn't making money. Just like if you don't have a company to partner with or a sale being made every day of the week.

So when I was introduced to Network Marketing and the concept of creating residual income and investing my time for money, I jumped on the opportunity! I also saw Network Marketing (especially Network Marketing online) as a way to impact so many more lives than I could as a massage therapist. And I absolutely fell in love with being able to provide the same opportunity for anyone else who wants to build a business online and really monetize Instagram.

If residual income seems like an enticing option to you, then Network Marketing is the way to go. Now if this is something that you're seriously considering there are a few things you should know before jumping in. No matter which path you follow, I wish you the best of luck and I am here to help any way that I can!