In a world where we are so limited by corporate America, it is time to stand up for ourselves and for our dreams. Long gone are the days of letting someone decide our earning potential, promotion potential, life goals, and vacation time.

There are way too many perks to owning your own business, it is almost silly not to! Are there risks? Sure? Is there job security? Just about as much (maybe more) than you have now. Will it be hard? Yes, but worth it!

Here are some of the top reasons you should start your own online business.

  1. Time - Time freedom is everything, and perhaps more valuable than money in the long run. Can you imagine living life with no one telling you when to do something or be somewhere.

  2. Money - There is one thing that I can promise you, and that is, there is no one who is willing or able to pay you what you are truly worth. When you have an online business there is no earning cap for you, there is no glass ceiling for promotions. Your income is entirely up to you.

  3. Taxes - The new tax laws are highly in favor of business owners of all types. In fact, with the tax breaks that we currently have here in the US, you are likely losing money by not having your own business.

  4. Cost - With a traditional brick and mortar business, your overhead makes it nearly impossible to come out ahead for the first few years. Leveraging social media and other online marketing strategies is definitely the way to go to keep your costs low and your profit high.

  5. Flexibility - You can literally do your business at any time from anywhere. This is especially helpful when you are just getting started and want to build up a solid foundation before quitting your day job.

  6. Friends - There is something to be said about entrepreneurs. They have a characteristic (or two or three) about them that makes you want to be around them. They are motivated, inspiring, and full of a zest for life.

  7. Legacy - If you are brave enough to create your own dreams by starting a business, instead of helping someone else create theirs, you are leaving a legacy for yourself. You are inspiring others to do the same and making an impact on not only your life, but the life of many others.

With all that said, if you already have your own online business, let this confirm your decision and ignite or reignite your flame to put yourself out there and make it as successful as possible. 

If you don't already have an online business, now is the best time to start! There are plenty of opportunities out there for you, you just have to be willing to find them and work for them. If this is something you are serious about doing, check out how you can work with me and use my proven methods to grow a business online.