Affirmations are everything! They are the positive, motivational, and uplifting statements that we say to ourselves, ideally out loud. The entire reasoning behind affirmations is to declare goals and aspirations as though they already exist or are already a reality in your world.

Affirmations have helped me personally in my business, in my marriage, and just in life in general, so I am a HUGE advocate for them. I wanted to put together a few for you to use or tweak to make your own to help your mindset manifestation process when it comes to success. Here are my top 5 affirmations that I have used and that I hope will help you on your journey as well!

You should take these affirmations and write them down somewhere, either a post it note, bathroom mirror, etc where you will read and see them every day as a reminder to say them out loud. As crazy as it sounds the bathroom mirror is a great place because looking at your own reflection as you say them has such powerful results.

1) I am worthy of and working towards success.

2) I stay focused and goal oriented to create success in my life.

3) Success and opportunities flow easily to me.

4) I am open to and ready to receive success in my business.

5) I believe in myself and my ability to succeed.

6) I am worthy of making more money and living abundantly.

7) My creative ideas open windows of opportunity.

8) I create success by doing a job I love.

9) My success positively impacts the lives of others.


Print these off, write them down, keep this tab open in your browser so you see it every day or do whatever you need to do to repeat these to yourself until you’re seeing the results and success that you want to see in your life.