This is one of my favorite topics of ALL TIME! Once I grasped this concept and started training my brain to think differently than I had before, everything changed. Literally everything! This concept can be life changing if you take what I share in this blog and let it be the foundation of your mindset.

Ok, so for one let’s be clear on what “mindset” is. It is your way of thinking, or pattern of thoughts or beliefs. So for example if you were taught that being rich was bad and rich people were greedy, you have a negative association or negative mindset about money.

So let’s move right along to the most common personal block that I come across as a mentor, and that is scarcity mindset! Scarcity can mean a few different things in this scenario, it can mean scarce in the sense of physical/tangible things like money, clients/customers, etc or scarce as in limited or limiting beliefs about one’s self, possibilities, etc.

Does any of this sound familiar? Does your mind to you to a place of scarcity when you think about your capabilities of creating success, or heck, even accomplishing your to-do list for the day? Does your brain automatically tell you there is no way you can earn a 6 figure income? Don’t worry you are definitely NOT alone, and I was there once myself too.

The trick to changing your life, opening yourself up to more possibilities, seeing your true potential, earning what your work is really worth, and having the loving relationships you deserve is overcoming the scarcity mindset that has been ingrained in your brain.

This isn’t an easy task to accomplish, and it isn’t going to happen overnight. You are going to have to undo years of conditioning to receive your pot of gold at the end of this metaphorical rainbow, but believe me babe, you can totally do this and more importantly your future happiness and abundance is WORTH IT!

Abundance mindset is the exact opposite of scarcity mindset. When you’re embracing an abundant mindset everything is unlimited, everything is possible, love flows freely to you and from you. You are living abundantly because you’re thinking abundantly. The science behind this process? Law of Attraction. Google it. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

At this point we have established what the difference is between the two mindsets and you’re probably wondering how you can change your scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. And the truth is, I haven’t figured out an exact formula or method to this because everyone is different. It usually involves me having repeated conversations with my business partners about their scarcity mindset until something just clicks (or they get sick of having the same conversation).

Here is what I can tell you that will help though:

  1. Acknowledge when negative thoughts enter your mind.

  2. Tell yourself that you are having negative thoughts, but that does not make them factual or true.

  3. Ask yourself these questions:

    • Are these thoughts serving me?

    • Are these thoughts my truth?

    • What can I do to change these thoughts?

  4. Try to replace every negative thought with a positive one. For example replace “I can’t be a successful business owner” with “ I am fully capable of building a successful business to support my family.” This is much easier said than done, but it is key to reprogramming your thought process and mindset.

My intentions with this blog post is to show you that your mindset may be limiting your potential in life, and amazing things are waiting to come your way once you open yourself (and your mind) up to them. I would love to hear feedback from those of you who have either changed your mindset from scarcity to abundance already or implement the steps I provided in this post to do so. Please DM me with your story on Instagram (you all know how much I dislike email lol).