I have been getting lots of DM’s with questions about my hair extensions since I got them done in July, so I figured I would put a blog post out there answering all of the questions and providing you with some insight and info to help you decide if they are right for you.

A little backstory that lead me to want extensions in the first place…I have always had long hair, with the exception of a short time in high school and when I got pregnant with my daughter. What is it about motherhood that makes us feel like we need to cut our hair? Anyways, both times it was short I hated it. Right before we moved down to Texas I had a long A line bob that was still past my shoulders, but not as long as I normally kept my hair. Once we moved down here I thought it would be a good idea to dye my hair this ombre blonde color. Well it turns out that my fine brown hair, didn’t take to kindly to the bleach. Not only was it a horrible brassy blonde, but my hair started to have some major breakage. After a few months of that I decided to go back dark and when I did, my stylist (basically Edward Scissorhands) chopped all of my hair off. I. Was. Devastated. So from there I tried everything I could (vitamins, shampoos, etc) to get my hair to grow for MONTHS with no luck.

Eventually I started looking into extensions after I got some inspiration from some of my favorite IGers. This wasn’t a decision that I took lightly, so I began doing a lot of research on all the different methods and brands of hair before I actually took the plunge. Here is what I found during that time:

  • Clip ins can’t be worn on a daily basis

  • If you want quality hair you have to order through a stylist

  • Methods like tape/glue ins, micro-beads/links, fusions, etc have all left people with damaged roots since they require so many points of contact at the scalp.

  • Be selective of your stylist AND method, they are not all created equal

So once I knew the methods I didn’t want to use, I finally found a method that I did, Natural Beaded Rows. I fell in love with this method for a few reasons:

  • Minimal points of contact/pulling on hair at the scalp

  • No visibility

  • No styling restrictions due to visibility

  • Look and lay very natural

  • Easy maintenance

  • Not damaging to my natural hair

Now I want to take the time to answer some of the questions I have gotten repeatedly from all of you beauties on IG.

Q: What’s the maintenance like?

Day to day maintenance is similar to your own hair, with the exception of adding moisturizing products to keep the hair hydrated and wearing a low pony or braids at night to keep it from tangling.

They do need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks and the hair needs to be replaced every few months (timing varies depending on which brand your stylist uses).

Q How many rows did you get?

I have two rows in, but wouldn’t mind adding a mini row since my hair is so fine.

Q: Where can I get them done?

You have to find a stylist who is certified in NBR. Since this is a very specific method, and much different from any of the other extension methods, your stylist needs to be trained. If you are in the Dallas area (or willing to travel like me) I highly recommend my amazing stylist @asl_styling. Otherwise search #naturalbeadedrows to see if you can find a stylist near you.

Q Will my real hair still grow?

Yes! One off the things I love about NBR is that it doesn’t damage your hair at the root so your hair can still grow while the extensions are in.

Q: How often can I wash them?

I was mine 1-2 times a week with quality hair care products that don’t have harsh chemicals that will breakdown/damage the hair.

Q: What are your fave products to use?

Another blog post coming soon :)