Don’t you hate when you find yourself creeping into a funk? You know, when you’re feeling down and you can’t shake the moodiness, sadness, or hopelessness? Yea that. Don’t worry though, we all go through it at some point or another. And for most of us, this is a pretty regular occurrence in our life.

Take me for example. I used to be (and sometimes still am) the QUEEN of funks. The weather can put me into a funk, my marriage can put me into a funk, my business can put me into a funk, I can put myself into a funk, so believe me when I say that I know ALL about funks.

And I know there is nothing worse, than feeling these emotions and not knowing how to push past them. Or not knowing how to or debilitating keep the self doubt from sinking in or overcome the debilitating mindset.

So I am here to help guide you through it. I want to help you get past your funk in a few healthy steps that are easy to implement. But first, I want you to know that you’re not in this alone. I am always just an Instagram direct message away.

  1. Acknowledge your negative emotions and that you are slipping into/have been in a funk. Identifying the issues/feelings at hand and recognizing that they are only temporary is one of the hardest steps I will cover. BUT, once you have mastered how to tell when you’re in a funk, I promise that overcoming it gets so much easier.

  2. Do an emotions scan to pin point exactly what negative feelings or thoughts you are having. Are you angry with yourself? Your significant other? Did you fall short of a goal? Are you stressed from work? Once you know the reoccurring thoughts or feelings and what they are associated with you can get to work on pushing past them.

  3. This is the most critical step. Take whatever your situation is based on your emotions scan above and find something, ANYTHING, to help you work through it. If you like to read, search for a good personal development book on that topic. You can also do audio books, podcasts, or inspirational YouTube videos. The goal is to find resources that will help you process what you’re feeling, view it from a different perspective, and learn how overcome it. If you don’t do this, your funk can last much longer than it ever should. I highly encourage you to take control by finding resources that will help you learn and grow through the process, rather than just waiting it out.

  4. Surround yourself with good people. This goes for all the time, but especially when you are feeling down. Having friends and family who uplift you will help you get through the hardest of times and worst of emotions. If your current friends/family don’t fill you with love, encouragement, and positivity, make it a goal to go find some that do. And when you are in your funk call them or spend time with them. Let them know what you’re going through and that you need some good quality girl time or a revitalizing phone call with lots of laughs involved.

  5. Release the negative feelings or emotions. Now that you have acknowledged them, processed them, and are working on moving past them, it is time to release them. And by release I mean stop giving your time and energy to these thoughts and feelings. It is time to start focusing on positive thoughts and feelings. You can start by thinking about all the things your grateful for, or reminiscing on happy memories. You can start forward thinking and making plans for the future to change your circumstances or mindset, set goals and start working towards them. OR one of my all time favorites volunteer somewhere or give to a charity your passionate about. Opening yourself up to do good will bring goodness to you.

If you start incorporating these 5 thing each and every time you catch yourself feeling down, I promise your funks will get shorter and will be fewer and far between. Ultimately we need to realize that it is normal to go through these emotions, but we are 100% in control of our mindset and circumstances. Anything we experience is only temporary and we always have the power and control to learn, grown, and change when necessary.

Ashlee BradshawMindset, Funks