I just want to start this out by saying that I am so glad that you are here! The fact that you are even choosing to opt-in for this cheat sheet tells me that you are ready to make some small, yet manageable changes in your life to start showing yourself some much deserved self love. 


In case you were wondering, here is a little about me and why I have created this cheat sheet specifically for you:

I am Ashlee Jaine, wife and mother. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized how lost I was in life. I loved my children, I loved my husband, and I loved my career, but I wasn’t completely happy. Something was missing, and thankfully after doing a lot of self exploration and personal development, I figured out what that something was. 

I learned that I had lost who I truly was after having my children, I became so much of a wife and mother, that it buried a big part of who I was before marriage and children. I knew at that moment that it was up to me, to find her again, to revitalize her, and bring her back to life, which is what I have been doing ever since.

I had to completely reprogram my mind that it was ok to take time for myself, it was ok to buy myself things, and it was ok to put myself first sometimes. Once I started doing these things there was a huge shift in my overall happiness.

I felt that I could be more present and intentional with my children. I had more patience with them, and could enjoy the time I spent with them so much more. I was also becoming a better wife. I was catering to my own needs, which put me in a much better mood, and in return gave me the energy and encouragement to cater to my husbands needs and wants.

Does all of this sound familiar? Do you feel like you have lost yourself or neglected yourself for too long? If so, this cheat sheet is definitely for you.

By making these small changes in your day to day routine, you will notice a huge difference in yourself and your happiness. I hope that these changes bring you so much joy and help you rediscover who you truly are and who you are truly meant to be.

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